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Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat

These guests made a video to WIN a stay at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat!

We have THREE prizes of two nights each at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat to be won!!!

Phones, drones, cameras or GoPros were used to make videos on the subject of ‘Our favourite part of staying at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat’. We were looking for videos about any aspect of staying at the Retreat that is especially memorable for you. It could be anything from the planning to the visit; perhaps surprising someone with a trip; even the journey to the Retreat. Maybe it’s just a short snippet of your stay, something that was special or poignant to you in some way. We reached out to past guests as well as new ones. We wanted an authentic, engaging personal experience, in your own words, images, footage, in any creative storytelling method you like.

We've uploaded your entries to Facebook so they could be seen and liked and loved.

Entries closed 15 July. We're judging now and will announce the winners on 31st July!

Our qualifying entries ...

Three categories of prizes

Best Video in Competition

2 nights in a Luxury Mountain View Lodge

Our pick of the best video overall. We’re looking for quality, beauty and/or impact: excellent video storytelling that shows your favourite aspect of our Retreat.

Most Engaging or Romantic Story

2 nights in a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow

Our pick of the video that really nudges the funny bone or tugs at the heart strings. A wonderfully told story that makes you need to know what happened!

Most Popular on Facebook

2 nights in a Creekside Spa Cabin

We’ll be sharing all our entries on our social media pages. So get your family and friends to like us and vote for you with lots of likes, comments and shares!